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The Summer in Summary

As you may know, we set some goals for ourselves this summer – as a community.

It’s been an interesting sensation, to set aside a year to grow and develop a leadership team, void of any intentional “work” or “ministry.” We’ve progressively felt more and more like a shaken up soda can, itching to break out and start Kingdom work.

I remember when I was a kid, we’d take a ball point pen and poke a single tiny hole in the top of the soda can. Then we’d cover it with our finger, shake it up a bunch, and spray our friends across the room.

Well this summer was a little like that. We poked a tiny hole in our soda can, and let out couple bursts of Kingdom work. Here’s the recap, in chronological order:

  1.  Feed My Starving Children. FMSC is an established ministry that uses volunteers to pack food that then gets shipped around the world. We signed up for a shift, and Annie brought a co-worker. We got to know the co-worker a bit, and she came with us to pray over the food when we were done.
  2. Tubing. We went tubing down the Salt River (Kingdom work at it’s finest). One of Annie’s co-workers came, and we had a great time getting to know him and hear some of his story.
  3. Dinner party. Annie and Matthew graciously hosted an epic dinner party at their apartment. Tacos, guac, some kind of cream pie dessert… Two couples came that we’ve all been getting to know over the past year, and we had a lovely time growing in friendship.
  4. House of Refuge. House of Refuge is another established ministry that provides transitional housing mostly for single moms leaving homelessness and domestic abuse. We were given the opportunity to make lunch for a small handful of kids in their summer camp program. It was a great chance to get to know more about the ministry, and dream about how we might partner with them more in the future.
  5. Building a Discipling Culture. We’ve been reading this book by Mike Breen together over the summer and discussing it. It has been tremendously impactful on us as we begin to design our shared life of family on mission. This week we discussed APEST, and began to define what our roles will be on this leadership team in those terms.

Nothing crazy, but they’re our first tangible external steps.

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