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Summer Plans

We sat at a table next to the mini-baggage claim that transported sushi plates around the restaurant. California roll. Volcano roll. Salmon roll. Pass. Pass. Pass. I was waiting for a jalapeño roll – the deep-fried, cream cheese-filled, jalapeño popper version of sushi.

I’ve really grown to love revolving sushi. The food is okay, but the experience is amazing.

And that’s where Annie & Matthew, Lauren and I, and Levi got lunch on Sunday. And as we dipped our sushi in bowls of soy sauce and teriyaki sauce (we’re so whatever the Japanese version of gringo is), we continued to talk about our community. Specifically, what’s next for us.

I had taken some time the day before to journal and seek the Father, and had some ideas to share. We have had some ideas floating to the top of how we could structure our community over the next year. We’ve talked about Alpha, regular community dinners, rhythms of prayer, Neil Cole’s life transformation groups, serving the marginalized in some way, and at this point everything is still on the table.

It’s been a slow process to set anything in stone, and I’ve probably been the most hesitant to make plans, much to the irritation of the others. At this stage, no one can blame me of being the leader who rushes out in front of everyone, leaving many behind. If anything I’m the parachute on this rocket ship, slowing down our journey to orbit. But I simply have not felt peace over making long term plans yet. I feel that we are to sit in limbo at least a little bit longer.

Over lunch, I shared a potential way forward. I proposed we take the summer to continue our discernment journey, but to do it actively. To me, that means we try a couple things this summer. We organize some opportunities to interact with those outside our group (dinners, parties, service projects, worship nights, tubing down the river… anything that allows us to invite others deeper into friendship with us). Meanwhile, we continue to meet as a leadership team to seek God’s way forward.

In addition to that, there are two final topics I’d like us, as a leadership team, to tackle: discipleship and leadership. To facilitate those conversations, we’re going to read Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Breen. We read his Family on Mission book early on in this journey, and it will be nice to read this together as well. I haven’t read it all yet, but it tee’s up a great discipleship conversation, provides some instructions that fits with who we, as a community, are, and teases out APEST as a leadership idea.

If you read this and pray for us, even infrequently, pray for our summer. Pray that God would bring others to help us. Pray he would guide us as we establish rhythms in the fall.

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