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Recent Albums

Here are some of the albums I’ve been listening to lately. These tunes are what have been getting me through a full time job, starting a business on the side, and leading a budding missional community.

Sandra McCracken – Songs from the Valley

What a beautiful and haunting album. Both Lauren and I have found tremendous life in Sandra McCracken’s songwriting over the past several years. Honest, permission to grieve, and hopeful.

John Lucas – Family X

This guy writes some beautiful folk music and weaves in spirituality. I tracked down his blog and it looks like he used to be a worship leader, went through a pretty serious deconstruction journey, and now writes music out of that place.

Samuel Lane – The Difference

This guy is worship leader in a Vineyard community in the UK. He’s got passion, raw vocals, and psychedelic organs. What more could you ask for from a Brit?

Johnny Flynn – Sillion

I found this guy originally from the British TV show “The Detectorists.” He wrote the haunting theme song and makes a guest appearance in one of the episodes. I looked him up afterwards and found out he’s a really talented British folk singer/songwriter. No clue where he is spiritually, but I always think the opening track of this album could be a worship song.

Bon Iver – 22, A Million

I’ve been really into letting live performances from YouTube play in the background while I’m working. Some artists communicate so much live, and it’s inspiring to get to hear it via YouTube. Bon Iver is one of those. His new album is amazing. The electronic beats, the layered vocals… there’s something about the Kingdom captured here. The creativity, the beauty, the honesty.

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