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Discipleship Group Format

September 2018


  1. Opening prayer – 5min
    -thanksgiving, submission
  2. Accountability – 5min
    -questions, follow up on people’s what you gonna do about it.
  3. What is God saying – 30-60min
    -Kairos, accountability, scripture, brief statements and discussion.
  4. Scripture/teaching – 30-60min
    -scripture read through week, disciple principles
  5. Closing prayer – 5min
    -the lost, boldness, grace to change, persecuted church


Accountability Questions


  1. Have you allowed Jesus (and nothing else) to be Lord of your life this week?
  2. Have you walked by the Spirit this week as evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit?
  3. Have you been a testimony to the greatness of Jesus this week?
  4. Have you sought to know God through prayer and the Word this week?
  5. Have you honored God in your sexuality this week?
  6. Have you sabbathed this week?


  1. Have you been honoring, understanding, and generous in your important relationships this past week?
  2. Have you put others before yourself, encouraged one another, and bore one another’s burdens and forgiven one another this week?
  3. Have you lived up to your responsibilities as a father, child, and husband?
  4. Have you damaged another person by your words, either behind his/her back or face-to-face?


  1. Have you had integrity with the finances and possessions entrusted to you this week?
  2. Did you honor God with your work this week?
  3. Have you given in to an addictive behavior this week? Explain.


  1. When prompted by The Spirit, did you participate in Jesus’ mission to save the lost and serve the needy through prayer and/or action this week?


Prayer for the Lost

1. I pray, Lord, that You draw ____ to Yourself (John 6:44).
2. I pray that ____ seeks to know You (Acts17:27).
3. I pray that ____ hears and believes the Word of God (1 Thess.2:13).
4. I ask You to prevent Satan from blinding ____ to the truth (2 Cor. 4:4; 2 Tim. 2:25-26).
5. Holy Spirit, I ask You to convict ____ of his/her sin and reveal his/her need for
Christ’s redemption.
6. I ask You to send someone who will share the Gospel with ____ (Matt. 9:37-38).
7. I also ask that You give me (and/or my fellow disciple) the opportunity, the
courage, and the right words to share the truth with ____ (Col. 4:3-6; Eph.6:19-20).
8. Lord, I pray that ____ turns from his/her sin (Acts 17:30-31; 1 Thess. 1:9-10).
9. Lord, I pray that ____ would put all of his/her trust in Christ (John 1:12;5:24).
10. Lord, I pray that ____ will confess Christ as Lord of his/her life, take root and grow in his/her faith, and bear much fruit for Your glory (Rom. 10:9-10; Col. 2:6-7; Luke 8:15).